Microplastics are perhaps the greatest problem of our time



Plastic is not a typical refuse problem. When plastic ends up in the ocean, it becomes a major threat. Over time, it becomes hard and brittle and breaks down into increasingly smaller pieces. When it turns into microscopic bits, they are absorbed by all kinds of food chains, even at the level of plankton and algae.

This is not about a solitary whale dying with a stomach full of plastic bags. This is affecting everything from algae, plankton, fish, birds, coral reefs, etc. Animals are starving to death with stomachs full of plastic. We are literally feeding sea animals with garbage and pollutants!



Microplastics are suffocating the oceans, and the oceans are the world's lungs

The problem with microplastic also extends to personal hygiene products such as toothpaste, exfoliants, face scrubs, soap and clothing products made with polyester and fleece. Every time you wash a fleece jacket, thousands of microparticles are flushed into the ocean. Another example is the crumb rubber from artificial turf fields that is washed away by the rain and ends up in the sea where it is broken down.  

Plastic use must be reduced! 
A change of attitude is required at all levels in addition to cleaning and following up. Until now, everyone has been able to throw trash into the sea without being held responsible. We all enjoy the benefits of the ocean. It is time that we all pay the ocean back!

Everyone can contribute! 
You can contribute physically by participating in removing plastic from beach areas so that it is not broken down into microplastic. You can contribute money so that our fund can continue and expand our work. However, we must also use our power as consumers. We can boycott goods that promote the unnecessary use of plastic, and we can choose options that are completely free of plastic. Alternatives are available in all industries.

Fortunately, there are key actors that are making a difference!
NorgesGruppen with their store chains: KIWI, MENU, SPAR and JOKER have stopped using products with microplastic. We encourage other actors to follow that lead by phasing out or switching from all products with microplastic!

Unfortunately, our children have to pick up after us adults, and they will have to do so for many years, but we can start by helping them on their way now.