We need to change our attitudes and clean up


This certainly applies to all sections of the population and, not least of all, industries! The Fredrik Hermansen Memorial Fund’s focus is on being operational. Instead of focusing on research, we single out fast, effective measures and interests in which everyone can contribute. 

The business community has to get on board!
It is one thing to clean up. We also have to reduce the amount of plastic that becomes trash. We simply have to change to alternative packaging solutions. Therefore, the business community must take responsibility. We, the consumers, have to as well. We must choose more environmentally friendly products and solutions.

We cannot forget that we have power as consumers, and we must put this into practice so that we can force things to change. Therefore, it is important that we familiarize ourselves with product information, choose eco-labeled goods and actively influence the attitudes of friends and acquaintances.

Donations are accepted with gratitude!
The Fredrik Hermansen Memorial fund will need a regular supply of capital to implement various measures in areas where we want to make a difference. Therefore, we rely on support from both public and private contributors.

We want to start something that is bigger than we are, and that is why we need your help. All money donated to the fund will go directly to the fund's objectives. All contributions are greatly appreciated, regardless of size.

Contributions can be transferred to account number:


IBAN: NO6115038369498



Dronning Eufemiasgate 30

0191 OSLO

Fredrik Hermansens Minnefond

Orknøygaten 18

4009 Stavanger


Vipps: 83637 (only applicable for Norwegian residents). 

If you want to make your contribution public, please contact us.