Fredrik Hermansens Memorial Fund

Established on December 8th, 2016


One of Fredrik's great passions was the ocean, and through freediving and enjoying life outdoors, he came to know the enormous environmental challenges unfolding on and below the ocean surface. Through his memorial fund, we want to work towards cleaning up the world’s oceans by building upon the values that Fredrik was passionate about.

The memorial fund will promote knowledge and encourage participation involving the environmental challenges that oceans and coastlines face. In addition, we will initiate and support concrete measures such as cleaning up littered beaches and seabeds. The fund also supports youth sports organisations.

The fund is built upon Fredrik’s own assets
His surviving family believe that it is only natural to use Fredrik Hermansen's personal assets in a way that reflects his interests and passions. Therefore, they were used as the initial capital for the memorial fund. The fund will also receive future inheritances that would have gone to Fredrik, something which emphasises the fund's long-term perspective.

We are trying to make it possible for Fredrik's commitment and drive to live on. Even though we are starting off small, we have great ambitions. We are aiming towards creating a national environmental fund that focuses on marine pollution. 

The fund will be politically independent, and we believe in transparency in everything we do. We need to be responsible for everything we pass on. Everything must be substantiated by facts, and it will be possible for everything to be traced back to reliable sources. As an independent fund, we will not relent in uncovering reprehensible conditions, even if it is the case with one of our supporters.

Our strength is our commitment and our drive
We want to promote participation and concrete measures. Are we appealing to people’s guilty consciences? Yes, because we all have a reason to feel responsible for the problem.

At the same time, we invite everyone to participate and contribute. The fund is volunteer based, and there is room for everyone. As a large grassroots organisation, we are taking action here and now.

Plastic Fantastic conference in Stavanger   The Fredrik Hermansen Memorial Fund arranged the Plastic Fantastic conference on November 29th, 2018.

Plastic Fantastic conference in Stavanger

The Fredrik Hermansen Memorial Fund arranged the Plastic Fantastic conference on November 29th, 2018.



Plastic is not a typical refuse problem. When plastic ends up in the ocean, it becomes a major threat. Over time, it becomes hard and brittle and breaks down into increasingly smaller pieces. When it turns into microscopic bits, they are absorbed by all kinds of food chains, even at the level of plankton and algae.

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This certainly applies to all sections of the population and, not least of all, industries! The Fredrik Hermansen Memorial Fund’s focus is on being operational. Instead of focusing on research, we single out fast, effective measures and interests in which everyone can contribute.

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